I think it's safe to say that every parent worries about the wellbeing of his or her baby. We all know the importance of nutrition and the role it plays in our health especially in babies. We also know the importance of breast milk and its ideal nutritional value for babies. But what if you just can't breastfeed? Many moms are unable to and for a number of different reasons, whether low supply or no supply or your busy schedule just doesn’t permit you to keep up with your hungry baby. Whatever those reasons are we still want to ensure that our babies are receiving healthy, nutritional food and not the junk that is so often commercialized and sold. So if you’re anything like me, you get on the internet and start researching like a mad woman, you speak to your doctor, friends, family, etc. You try to find and source the best product you can get your hands on.

Well this was my husband and I, 6 years ago with our first child. Luckily, I was able to breastfeed for 6months but then my supply went low and I was unable to provide enough food for our hungry and growing baby. That is when the pressure was on to find a formula that is truly healthy and organic, unlike so many of these U.S. formulas that are USDA organic approved but have ingredients like high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, GMOs, milk from cows that were given antibiotics or injected with growth hormones, and that’s just to name a few. So what is a parent to do?

While attempting to find the best formula for our baby, I came across the European baby formula market and after much research I knew this was the formula for us. We were ecstatic and once we had our 2nd child it was a no brainer what formula we should feed her. That is when it dawned us that we could help other parents in need to get this amazing formula! We were already purchasing the formula left and right for our children and for our mommy and daddy friends so all that was left was to find a certified, reliable, and affordable distributor. Easier said than done, right? It wasn’t easy, but we did it and before you know it our living room went from having a few boxes to a house cluttered with orders. That’s when we knew it was time to expand outside of our living room and invest in a warehouse. So here we are now, located in Brooklyn, shipping all these great formulas to moms and dads all across the United States straight from our warehouse.

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